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  2. ok I’m back from vacation and gonna bite the. Bullet and order a new CDI. What are y’alls suggestions on what brand to buy and what website to order from? Thanks.
  3. At the starting circuit cut off relay there is 2 red/white words that go in a slot together and 1 red/white wore in a slot a blue/white wire in a slot and a yellow/black wire in a slot all of these are hot until you press start button except blue/white it’s the only one that loses power.
  4. Lol good one... thanks for the insight.
  5. Any other suggestions on anything else or where to look next?
  6. So your saying it may be possible the CDI is problem or most likely not the problem?
  7. So it’s possible it could be the cheap CDI? I have the clymer manual.
  8. Also can’t see a problem with wire harness anywhere unless it’s inside wires somewhere.
  9. Fuses are all good have checked them all with test light. Replaced rectifier/regulator and CDI with cheap one it stopped blowing ignition fuse but still not turning over woth start button or firing. I just wonder if CDI is proble since black/white wire runs into it? So how do I need to check kill switch?
  10. It acts just like a safety switch. When I test my kill switch it says with switch in off position it should show continuity on black and black/white wire it does then says to slide it to run position and it should be open no continuity but it still reads continuity.
  11. Not to the motor but to the solenoid. It just want close the solenoid to send the signal on the starter
  12. This is how all this started.. Was riding late one evening when my headlight bulbs blew and busted bulbs didn’t blow fuse. Few days later it just cuts off like turning the switch off look and it blew ignition fuse tried another and blew it. So come to find out fried CDI replace it with a cheap one off amazon that you can no longer find so I wonder if it’s really any good.... and rec/reg and new battery no more fuse blowing but won’t turn over with starter. Jump solenoid and it turns over but no spark at all.
  13. Yes neutral light comes on. Put in reverse that light works. Press start button oil temp light comes on. No starting and no firing.

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