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  1. I had the rear arm re-welded, and it seems to be holding fine, drives well! Let's hope it lasts!
  2. Thanks, I'll take it to the welder's shop tomorrow and let you know how it works out when it's finished!
  3. After searching parts diagrams, I see that the part that broke is actually called the REAR ARM COMP. | (YMUS) 3C2-F2110-00-00
  4. Hola from Costa Rica - I have an '06 Bruin 4x2, and yesterday the drive shaft housing broke, and I'm wondering if anyone's been through this before, and what are my options to repair it. The housing broke pretty cleanly, just before the differntial mounting plate, the big plate with the 4 bolts holding this part of the housing to the rear differential. This caused the rear axle to pull away a little and drop the drive shaft connection. Luckily I was going slow at the time and stopped ASAP to assess what happened. Since parts are hard to come by where I live, and 3-5x more expensive than in the US, I'm wondering if I can just have the housing welded back together. This part of the housing looks to have been forged as one piece, and the break looks pretty clean. I think I should be able to just re-engage the driveshaft to the differential, and weld the housing back together, probably with a little reinforcement around this section. Apparently this part of the housing is not too heavy a gauge metal, but I think it should take a weld just fine without further damaging the housing. Any opinions, advice, suggestions, etc. welcomed! Pura vida, Ray

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