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  2. @bdaigleyamaha open your clutch cover on the right hand side and take out the clutch and just wipe it off, when you put them back in dont mix them up. Put them back in the same order as the way you took it out. Then adjust your air screw on the bottom of your carb. I got my bike atleast to drive today but still not 100% when i want to give it gas so that i can go to 2nd gear it loses revs and want to die
  3. Thanx guys. Im busy with the air screw and its driving finally. But now theres another problem, when im driving in 1st and give it throttle it loses revs and want to die, but when i pull clutch it idles again???? What could be wrong??? I did clean the carb just now
  4. Hi everyone. I need some help please. My quad ( shineray 250 2007 model) idles great and reves up but when i put in in gear it dies. I checked on youtube and they said it might be sticky clutch so i took it out and cleaned and put it back together but it still does the same. Could it be my air/fuel ratio?? Please help

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