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  2. Those 2 wires, are unplugged, have connection ends on it, Will have to tear plastic off My guess previous owner unplugged so EPS light would go off after starting
  3. I have a 2012 Suzuki king quad 750 with EPS I do believe the power steering is not working, I have a plow on it and have to pull very hard on the bars to move the front tires when not moving!! When Moving it is OK, have only been around a Polaris and sitting in the garage I could move the bars with my pinky finger only. Not the case on my king quad. Fuse is Good, EPS light comes on when started but shuts off after few seconds, I believe this is normal I have a black and a green wire coming out of bottom of the handlebars, under the headlight, Not sure when theses are they are not hooked up to anything Would love any insight on where to check or what to do Next Matt

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