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    Quadzilla XLC 500 Engine Issues

    As far as I am aware the impeller was spinning with the shaft as it was locked on to the shaft, not overly tight but tight enough. I saw some videos online of people removing the pump seal and the only way they could remove it was to prise it out with a screw driver so that's what I done, hence the reason it looks a mess. The oil does look a little watery and I done a test with dropping the oil in a hot saucepan to see if it bubbled which it did, so this confirms there is antifreeze in the oil 20181203_180713.mp4
  2. Zilla28

    Quadzilla XLC 500 Engine Issues

    OK today I removed the water pump cover, dained the engine of coolant and turned the engine over and the impeller is spinning ok. The gasket on the cover was knackered but I didn't want to replace just that gasket as I had not seen any leak from the cover which makes me think it must be leaking internally. I have managed to remove some of the internals but cant get any further. What I expected to take a few hours looks like its going to take much longer. Do I need to split the crank case to remove the rest? 20181203_142148.mp4
  3. Zilla28

    Quadzilla XLC 500 Engine Issues

    I've not checked the oil for colour, only looked at it on the dip stick. I will try and find time to check the water pump tomorrow as I do have a new water pump seal in my gasket set. I just remembered, last time I warmed the engine up the pipe from the water pump to the bottom of the radiator was warm and I could hold it but the pipe from the top of the radiator to the engine was too hot to hold.
  4. Zilla28

    Quadzilla XLC 500 Engine Issues

    But I don't know what its suppose to run at and what is classed as too hot. The thermostat is fine as I tested it and it opened at 71 degrees which is stamped on it. If the coolant on the tank has dropped by 1/2" after 14 miles of riding it must be going somewhere which is leading me to think the head gasket but im hoping its not.
  5. Zilla28

    Quadzilla XLC 500 Engine Issues

    Yes the fan does come on but not every time and I have not had a close inspection of the radiator but it should be clean as I pressure washed it and have only used it on the road. I have no temperature gauge on my display so I can't see how hot its running.
  6. While riding my Quadzilla XLC 500 I was cruising along about 60 mph then opened it up, but once I hit 70-75 mph it died on me so I rolled to a stop and it wouldn't start for about 20-30 seconds. I then noticed the Temp light occasionally flashes on but its so quick you wouldn't notice in the day so not sure how long its been happening. The engine has started pinging when I accelerate which can be caused by many things so I drained the fuel and replaced with hi octane, fitted a new spark plug, adjusted the little washer on the high jet in the carb twice to make it run more lean which made no difference. I tested the thermostat which opens at the correct temperature, I removed the radiator cap and started the engine and no bubbles were showing and the oil is on maximum and very clean as I have not long serviced it. The last time I took it out I went 14 miles and the coolant in the bottle has dropped about 1/2". I am now leaning towards a head gasket and have purchased a full gasket kit but was wondering if there's anything else it could be before taking the engine apart.