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  1. No problem. Are you going to try and come to Brown Mountain tomorrow?
  2. Scott, There are 5 adult models available. 3 of them are up on our website www.riderswholesale.com and the other two we are in the process of putting on the website. We take our own pictures, and video of these units so it takes a while to get the video edited. We will be filming actual riding video as well for the three models that we have on our site, but for now, you will just find me talking about each model. Here is a list of the five adult models. Linhai 260 4x2 - this is the base model, and good for beginner riders. Linhai 300 4x4 Bighorn - this is the next step up. Linhai 300 SE 4x4 Bighorn - New remodeled version on the 300. Linhai 400 4x4 Bighorn - More power, same features as the 300 SE. Also has 4 wheel independant suspension. Linhai 520 Bighorn - The big dog. We will be adding this one to our site soon, but there are some great youtube videos out there of them slinging the mud! Hope this helps, and the pricing is shown on the links. Pricing is retail, and our dealers have access to wholesale pricing. We are looking to expand our dealer network, so if you are interested, just fill out the dealer application.
  3. I know this is late notice, but we will try to have our demo day at Brown Mountain ORV tomorrow around 1pm. I would like to have given at least a weeks notice some that people could plan to come if they wanted to, but my father had a major surgery, and I just couldn't commit until I knew everything went ok. That being said we are planning to be at the Brown Mountain ORV trailhead tomorrow around 1pm, and hope that anyone that is interested in providing a real life review of the Linhai - Yamaha 300 SE 4x4 and several other products will be able to make it. We will definately plan our next demo more in advance to give everyone who wants to attend a little more time to plan. Thanks for your understanding. Hope to see you there.
  4. Hi, this is BJ Moose, president of riderswholesale.com. I noticed that we were recently receiving traffic from your discussion forum website, and came to see what was being posted about our products. I have been a distributor of Chinese power sports products for five years now, and I have seen the good the bad and the ugly, and I'm here to tell you that the Linhai - Yamaha adult ATVs are the most solid, feature packed, and dependable ATV models that I have sold to date. There are distributors and dealers out there that are known as prostitute dealers. All they care about is the sale and make whatever little piece of profit that they can and move on to the next sucker with no parts available, if anything goes wrong. I can readily understand how that would leave a bad taste in your mouths. I'm willing to prove that the Linhai - Yamaha ATVs are different! Although my father is in bad health, I am trying to set up a demo ride at the Brown Mountain ORV trails in North Carolina on Tuesday or Wednesday around 1pm. November 25th or 26th, as we will be filming for our new Linhai - Yamaha ATV nationally televised commercial. Just Google Brown Mountain ORV for directions. As soon as I know which day it will be, and the exact meet up spot, I will post again in this forum. This is my personal invite to anyone who is reading or has posted in this message thread to come and join me for a free test drive on some very challenging trails to see what the Linhai ATV's are really made of. I have always found that reviews are a whole lot more accurate if the reviewers have actually rode and seen with their own eyes, the product that they are reviewing. I will even pay for buyatvs2live's gas from Memphis, so that he can see first hand that this is a very well suited ATV for his intended purpose. I will post the demo day as soon as I know for sure if it will be Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. I truly hope that you will come and join me.

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