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  1. Say I have been checking my manual but can't find anything on the. This . My starter idlet gear is loose like I can move it back and forth.its alright going clockwise but back in forth.dk. What do you think about it.
  2. Okay I checked them both and both of them peg out to zero so do they have to be replaced.
  3. I think you are talking about a 1988 bayou I have a 1998 bayi what you just said.i looked at the manual and the color code is for1988-1995 models I don't have a magneto I have a alternator.but I see what you're saying. I will check
  4. Before I head into that is their supposed to be a hot wire going to the kill switch. I have one brown going to the light switch and one going to the kill switch
  5. Yeah both the neutral light and reverse light comes on.but there is no spark.not even a click I tried the pull rope and nothing.
  6. According to the last owner it did run but sati. The barn for a year The new parts came with the atv.it I'd a Kawasaki Bayou klf220A 1998.
  7. No spark no power to cdi my new parts are starter, rectifier, ignition coil,new battery and spark plug.where do I start to get this problem fixed.

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