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  2. The only thing is its supposed to be a high of -2 tomorrow and windy. How I dont know how well it will take that cold. My harley wont run in those temps, I'll be able to ride it for maybe 5 mins before I'm frozen. Hopefully I get a good idea.
  3. It's at a dealer so I feel better about buying it. The plastics are a little rough but its 31 years old so to be expected. I have an idea what to look for, long as the clutch dosent slip, burn oil, filthy oil soaked motor, idle bad I think I'll be in the clear. Granted never really know till after I own it, is usually how it goes.
  4. Been contemplating getting one for a while now, found one that's in my price range. Will be checking it out tomorrow. 87 yamaha warrior 350, bone stock. Mainly just to put around on and ride the back roads up nothern mn. With it being a single cylinder 4 stroke not exactly powerful or fast but enough. I know if I dont like it i could easily get my money back on it. I'll poke around on here a little bit but not really big on forums anymore. John

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