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  1. Looks like they put the lug on before they delivered it so those look good. Will keep a close eye out. Wondering if its best to do the first 20 hour service myself or bring it somewhere. The issue with bringing it somewhere is that I would need to rent a trailer to get it there. I brought the 4 wheeler to the house on a moving truck so there was no need for a trailer to transport it to the new house. Is it really hard to do by ones self or is it better left to them?
  2. Thank you everyone, it is a great machine. very happy I went with the Kodiak. Cant wait to see where it takes me Wow, @JacobSlabach that is a good catch. Going out to the shed right now to go check on this!!....truthfully did not see this myself
  3. Well this is her in the show room...I haven't been out to the shed to take pictures in a few days because we have had some flooding and I've had to put off riding....I know not as good as a nice trail pic with mud splatters but hopefully soon. Should've gotten the bag rack
  4. NICE!! Thats some power to pull out a Excursion!! Thanks for the replies everyone!! @JacobSlabach @Frank Angerano @Ajmboy Just got it, its a Yamaha Kodiak 450. Love it so far, Really nice 2018 with the fuel injection. Been taking up through mountain trails in KY and wow she is definitely a trooper in the mud. Fun stuff
  5. Hello, I have only been riding for a few years now but encountered a situation today where I needed to tow a riding lawn mower out of a ditch. It was going well but I had to stop in the middle and place the 4 wheeler in park to turn the wheels on the lawn mower so it would glide out of the slope easily. I am wondering if it is going to cause damage with all of that weight resting on the transmission when I had the 4 wheeler in park. It was only for about 45 seconds, then I got back on and tugged it the rest of the way. This 4 wheeler doesn't have a parking break so that wasn't an option. Thanks!

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