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  2. OK new stator is in i can disconnect battery now and the engine still runs so definitely the stator was bad. now i was hoping that would solve my other problems to but didn't. i don't ride at night much but my headlights don't work and i can only start the bike with the clutch pulled in (wasn't this way new) the tail and brake light work. is there a fuse or relay for these? i changed the neutral sensor before but didn't help i can rebuild or troubleshoot almost any engine but am horrible at electrical
  3. QA brand from rocky Mountain they had the Ricky stator but I don't need the 100 watt and it was more then stock
  4. Just an update I ordered an aftermarket stater cause it was cheaper (stupid me) I don't have good luck with aftermarket parts and it did not work so returning it and getting the stock one
  5. Should have the part end of week and installed in a week or two
  6. Not a car but a charging system and only after the first time I had this issue with a brand new battery that failed Ok I checked stator and it's only reading 0.150 so will replace and give an update when I get it installed
  7. Ok thanks for all the help I well add to this when I get get all your suggestions tried out and it's fixed
  8. Everything on it is stock except the pipe and I put an oem rectifier back on. Not a big fan of aftermarket stuff. But I will also check all my conections
  9. Yes I actually tested it already It was staying at 12 to 12.5 then I changed the rectifier and now getting about 14 which is good but it stll dies when the the battery is disconnected so maybe the bike is running off the battery and not the stator
  10. Thank you very much. Do you know where I would be able the find the procedure and specs to test that?
  11. i have gone through two brand new battery in two rides it starts and runs great then with no warning it just dies. the battery wont charge after. it shorts out and I have to replace it. my question is should the bike run with the battery disconnected. I have a new battery in now and changed the rectifier and when I take the cable loose it dies. is this normal

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