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  2. I just took it to a repair shop and have someone who has a retail and service 9n what they sell what they told the amount that he charge was way to much they would done it for haft what I paid . When it stop running no back fire no noise just die like had no spark or fuel. I tried to restate it .the kick start would pop my foot back up . I should k ol some time tomorrow what it's going to take to fix it . And see if he actually did something to it for it to not run again so I would have to take it to him again. .I will be talking with a lawer on it to see what I can do about it cause it ran fine before he touch it it just wouldn't idal
  3. I have a 2001 Kawasaki Mojave kfx250 had the valves adjusted and the carburetor clean and adjusted got it back rode it a 1/4 mile and it died the guy who did the work on it said I will be needing a time chain . I think he did something to my atv to get more work out of me . I was looking for a repair manual to try do my own work this time

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