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  1. Thanx for input guys. As soon as i hit submit to this question, i realized that i didnt replace the burnt fuse when the pump first f’ed up. So low and behold, it starts now and pumps great. But i did pull carb out and inspect it earlier in job. I feel like a total dip s#@$. But its working, so dont feel to bad now. Thanx for ya’lls help
  2. Changed fuel pump, has spark and good compression. Tried a gravity feed trick and still couldnt get it to fire off. But it does try to crank when i spray starter fluid. With pump connected and fuel hose off, it should still pump fuel, correct ? But its not. And i cant find anything online about this bike. Has less than 200 hrs, so barely gets ridden (wifes). New fuel in tank. Any suggestions would help. Thanx....

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