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  2. best i can get out of it is 85 90psi in the bore with the throttle open not warm i expect this to be down a bit as things get warm if seen higher psi on 2stroke strimmers and chain saws this seam low to every one ?
  3. ive gone back to a heath robinson idea and using 2 syringes one for the oil direct in to the pipe with the top off and one for the fuel with the top off direct to the carb any how new carb installed started fine 3rd kick but when you try to add ant throttle it just bogs and slows to a near stop it does not move the bike at all just a wobble same as before so back to trying to find the problem ordered a compression tester any one got any idea what compression a 100cc should ruff have ?
  4. wheen you say setting up a bit hard what do you mean im assuming there set up to start as in the box just needs tweeks to get running right or would not start untill you got the fuel and air near right before it would start
  5. thanks for the reply thats what i was waiting for some one to confirm there used one of these carbs to run quad on spoke to loads of differant companys asking if it will fit but if they did reply the could not confirm ordered one now have to wait a few days before it turns up
  6. I would get a new carb but I spent days looking on line for the same one they dont seem to make it any more I assume It's a mini Corp tm13 16479 that's all the details on the carb that brings up nothing on an Google search i even just typed in to Ebay mikuni carb and sent through the whole lot the first pic is of my carb the second pic is the closest match so say for a 100 cc but it's got an extra pipe on(see my finger pointing to the extra pipe compared to mine) it does this make a difference some people have said it's a drain pipe but I cant spend 30 quid for it to be wrong
  7. Ok got a quad if a mate that's helped me out a few times said I look at it for him Been sat for 6 years in a barn checked spark and also changed the spark plug after a sonic clean of the carb started and started easy but when you use the throttle it bogs and near dies Now this unit has 2 tanks one for oil and one for fuel for the moment I'm bypassing the 2 tanks and using only a fuel mix direct in to the carb could this be causing the problem ? I've done a second clean and refitted and still the same even as the air screw was near fully in it was said from watching a few vids that is was starving of fuel so I've increased the pin on the throttle up a notch but still no difference There is not much adjustments on the carb so assume there's not much to go wrong but I was going to buy another carb but I can't find the right one here a pic of the actual carb

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