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  2. Time to trade in my 2009 outlander 650 XT. I’ve always been BRP for sleds, and this 650 owes me nothing just ready to trade up. I feel compelled to stick with cam am, however, the Polaris 850 sp premium really caught my eye at the dealership. Looking for some real input from real people on opinions on the 2 options. The 650 outlander has been great to me, I use the quad for crop scouting on our farm mostly, the only thing about the 650 is it seemed like it runs a little on the hot side at the slow speeds. Wondering if anyone knows if the newer big v twins cool a little better now. What about the Polaris what are the thoughts there? I really like the looks of the Polaris, I think it’s a really sharp ride. Really the biggest thing is which is more dependable, since I use for work I don’t have time for it having glitchy issues. I also like to be impressed when I snap the throttle, of course... that’s the reason I want to go to an 850 thanks in advance!

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