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  1. Top and bottom being replaced. Cylinder bored out to 68mm. Crank, bearings, seals rod piston
  2. I’ll definitely let ya know and post some pics. Really appreciate your input
  3. When I parked it it was running great! That is what has me puzzled.
  4. Thanks I’ll let ya know what I find out
  5. So I bought an 88 qaudracer real nice bike fired up 2-3 kick everytime. When I bought it the brake calipers were not on the bike the guy gave them to me In a box with parts to rebuild. So I HAVnt ever really rode the bike except a quick run testing gears when I bought and I started it and drove in yard not getting out of 3rd due to no brakes. I put it in garage turned it off. The following weekend I put brakes on and go to kick it and it’s seized. I did put it in high gear and rocked it back and forth and got it to kick a couple times. But has seized back up. Any ideas??? Could it be a kicker malfunction??

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