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  1. That's the exact same honing tool I have. Also have the ridge reemer. Funny thing about the shocks. I have a Polaris RMK snowmobile and a Ski Doo Summit snowmobile. Both companies use the same shock. Polaris is upside down while the skidoo is right side up. So you may be right about Polaris doing things a little different.
  2. So...I did the gas tank and plastics already...just to see what it all looks like (and it was good!) All new plastics in royal blue. All new brake pads, roters, calipers. Maybe the first thing I should do is remove plastics and gas tank so I have room to move around in there. Thanks for the road map.
  3. I do realize there will be missing parts. The guy who started this project sold the project to a friend of mine who sold it to me. It sat in his garage for a couple years. Who knows what happened to small parts? But the big stuff is there and I can order anything I need as I get through this thing. I'll start this weekend by laying out all the parts in the order that I think it should be assembled and compare parts piles to the factory parts manual. I'll make my first order based on that and go from there. I split the bottom engine case and replaced the main gasket to take care of an oil leak. That was a bit more than I anticipated as the transmission had to come apart too. But that is all back together, torqued to spec and no more oil leak (Have not put oil back in to test but have no reason to think it will leak). So now the bottom end is mounted on the frame. I have new piston and new rings ready to go. Top end will need a ridge ream and cylinder hone before putting that all back together. I may start with that this weekend after I verify all the missing parts. As for selling it...I'm hoping to get my 16 year old son to take an interest in this thing. If he does, it will be his bike (depending on how much help he gives me). If he shows no interest, I may put it on the market when it's complete. Depends on if it turns out to be faster or slower than my 2003.
  4. So I have a 2003 Polaris Predator 500 completely built and running. And then I have a 2004 Polaris Predator 500 completely disassembled. I've got the suspension, handle bars, steering and bottom of the motor on the brand new frame (previous frame was totaled, that's why it's disassembled). Everything else is in boxes. I've done all sorts of repairs on quads, ATVs, dirtbikes, snowmobiles, boats, cars...was a mechanic by profession in the 80's and wrenching my entire life. Done top end rebuilds on multiple bikes over the years. But I've never put a box of parts together like this. It shouldn't be hard as I have a running bike to look at and I have the factory service manual as well as a print of the polaris parts manuals. My question is in the best order to put this thing together. I can't locate a set of instructions to follow. I can figure it out without instructions but I find that instruction guides save me a lot of time. I'd like to get this thing running by June and it will be an after work, weekends project. Any pointers on the order of assembly...where to start...would be highly appreciated.

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