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  1. where does the packing go exactly?and what does it do?
  2. how do i know if its valve seal, piston rings,or anything eles.it only spits oil out of the exhaust when im tryin to start it after i get it to start up it stops leaking...im so lost any ideas on how to check anything?
  3. ok but if the packing in the pipe is full of oil what would make the oil get up to the pipe?
  4. well my brother came over tryed to start it again and it was still kickin oil out of all parts of exhust so we took the spark plug out it was gross we cleaned it and put it back in and she started right up and the first few mins it was blueish/whiteish smoke but after the first few mins it was clear and no oil....few guys told me it was proubly cuz the piston seals were so cold they shrunk and let oil through???????does this sound right or sound like it will be ok???????
  5. hay thank you for takeing the time to try and help me.im not sure what kinda pipe is on it.its not the one it came with new,if that helps.
  6. hi i just bought a 2000 honda 400 ex,i bought it off a guy in my area and when i test drove it it ran good.well after i bought it i brought it home and it only sat for 5 days and today i went to start it wouldnt start but the temp is like 9 f outside. and anyway i kept tryin for bout 20 mins and i looked down and seen the exhaust is pissin out oil at the motor and exhaust connect,and by the end of exhaust....what is going on what could this be???please help me i never owned a quad before and just paid 2000 for this thing someone help me out thanks keith

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