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  1. Initially I was going to get a dirt bike, this was mainly because I was inspired to race dirt bikes this inspiration came from the movie "Motocrossed" at the time i was about 8 years old. For those people who don't know the movie, well its mainly about a girl who impersonates her crippled brother in order to give him the opportunity of corporate sponsorship. well my mother the wonderful caring mother that she was told me that i had to wait until i was 10 to get a dirt bike... well fast forward and we were on our way to the dealership. sadly however the bike that i wanted and at the price my mother could afford sold the same day we went back for it. now after loosing interest and at the age of 15 my father bought a 95 polaris sportsman 400 and said that when I turned 16 i could ride it. well i fell in love with it and in fact i am trying to bring the bike back to working order of course after it sat for about 5-6 years....

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