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  1. Thank you!!! Regarding front lights. I saw, that there are LED flood lights and LED spot lights. I was thinking about putting there 1 flood bar (for close) + 2 spot lights (for distance). Of course keeping it around 50 watts. What do you think?
  2. It has battery. No idea about specific model, as it's pretty REKT. From the mounts on the chassis I can tell, that it used to have 2x front headlights (light bulb), 2x tiny front fog lights, 1x rear braking light, 4x turn signal. + some speedometer etc. If I go with LED lights, how many watts combined I can put on that?
  3. (I don't have manual and there isn't one on the internet) It's a 150cc ATV, automatic transmission, automatic starter, with zero electric devices. I have to mount at least some front/rear lights. But for how many watts should I aim in total on entire ATV? You know, for example there are 10/50/200 Watt lights. But it's impossible to order some, when I don't know if I should keep entire ATV under 100 Watts? Under 500 Watts? Under 1000 Watts?

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