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  1. i ordered a keihin carb for my 07 trx 90 and it fits nicely but the new cable they sent is way too long and i can't make it work. the old honda cable cap [that fits on top of the carb] is too small to fit. the keihin cap is approx 3/4 or 19mm. honda cap is more like 1/2 in. the keihin has a rubber boot on the cap where the throttle cable goes through . i don't know how to find the right length [most cites don't give the length]. i'm not sure how cables fit into that boot and do i need to add the length of the boot to the cable? the old honda cable is 28 inches total, but the cable movement is only approx 2'' which would not be enough to reach the actuator block on the keihin. looking to find a throttle cable compatible with the keihin. any help, please.

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