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  1. Thank you, and yes, it would probably float, however due to the engine location, the back would sit very low, and the front very high, unless l had some sort of ballast control.
  2. No, it is not done by any means. I am still fabricating the frame, steering, exhaust, throttle, brakes, etc. When the chassis is done, l will then fabricate a fiberglass body for it. The 2 real pictures that l posted were of my first prototype chassis. I have made a few changes since then. As far as operating it, it will be driven more like a manual shifting car, than a quad. It steers by the front and rear wheels. The front, and rear turn in opposite directions. When turning left, for example, the front wheels are turned left, and the rear are turned right. The center wheels are fixed, and don't turn left or right. I have added two updated chassis pictures.
  3. I just wanted to post a couple of pics of my street legal ZX14 powered 4 wheel steering, 6 wheel drive project, to see what people think.

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