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  1. Thank you I found that one too but it seems like it was beating hard and put away wet if I pay that much money it's not guaranteeing that that wiring harness is still good
  2. At this point I just wanna start off all fresh with the wire I started to test the wires and there is no point trying to Mickey mouse by cut and replace just go all new only thing I can still use is the connections
  3. So when trying to start bike today I found a bunch of the wiring harness was burnt all together I called my local bike shop and just my luck they can't get me the wiring for it they can get everything else but that so my new problem is the wiring spent hrs up and down the net looking for a wire diagram with no luck so if some one can help me out with that this would be great
  4. It cranks over no problem has no spark tested it alongside the head it's a brand new spark plug trying to pull start it same thing
  5. Hi all new to the sight haven a problem with my 1988 kawasaki bayou 220 it ran then just died when out one day get gas but no spark any info will help I'm new to the ATV got it used and ran like a champ but don't know where to start when it comes to this

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