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  1. Thanks for the suggestion Frank, that is a very thorough write up. Now I just need to find some time to get started on a detailed clean
  2. Thanks for all of the advice. It is making a spark when holding the plug against the engine side and pressing the starter button. I cleaned the carb bowl which still has minor corrosion and it’s still not starting. Does it have to be squeaky clean? The needle, spring, and float all seem to be functioning properly within the carb l. I’m thinking about taking it to a small engine mechanic because they may be able to diagnose the problem immediately.
  3. Howdy, I was given a 2008 Yamaha Timberwolf by my in laws a few weeks back. Of course my FIL said it hasn’t run in 8 years but all it needs is gas and oil! That hasn’t been the case...so far I’ve replaced the spark plug, changed air filter, replaced battery, replaced fuel and oil filters, fresh oil and gas. I tried starting her up and no luck, it turns over but won’t get going. Now I’ve moved on to cleaning the carburetor which I’ve heard is a common problem area. I can’t figure out how to remove the bowl at the bottom, any suggestions? I removed the four screws that I thought were holding it in place but the bowl won’t budge Thanks and looking forward to getting her running! Some photos of what I’ve got going on , this has taken over the garage

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