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  1. Yes sir. Harness is about 50.00, that's what my deductible is. I would fix it but it will cost the same and I want th ore vibration issue looked at also. Only 800 trail miles on the machine. 4 trail riding trips. not fond of mudding, thorough cleaning after every ride. No built up mud in/on rims. I get harrased about my clean equipment by the guys I ride with all the time.
  2. Yup. Same machine. 651-5 code. Only shows till u turn the machine off. Resets when you turn it back on. Hopefully it stays in the memory for the dealership.
  3. Injector 1 current below normal or grounded. People having issues with the injector harness.
  4. Also have this going on. Under warranty so the dealership can figure it out. Just trying to research the multiple issues before I take it in.
  5. We have a cabin in Dunbar, trails were awesome Saturday, weather in the 60s. Did around 150 miles. Rain all day Sunday, some on Monday. They do a great job on the trails with all the water the have had.
  6. Yup, no damage to the rims, jacked it up and checked, looks ok to me. Went on a trip to northern Wisconsin last weekend, my buddy has the same quad, before I could ride his to compare, his cousin hit a tree and rolled it, bend A-arm, broke wrist 2 spots. 100 miles on the quad. Crappy luck.
  7. If so it came from the factory like that. Dealership had it for the 20Hr checkup and that's when I asked about it. Only has 60 hours on it now. Seems worse to me but I don't drive the Sportsman much, got it for family members. I drive a Yamaha Raptor 95% of the time. Absolutely no vibration on the Yamaha. Thanks for the reply. Good idea, I have a dial indicator for checking rotor warpage, should work too. Thanks
  8. I have a 2016 sportsman 570 eps And have a vibration around 25mph, goes away around 30, then comes back around 45 to WOT. I've heard of the motor mounts being bad but have had it to the dealership and they say nothing appears to be worng. Anyone else have this issue and fixes please.

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