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  1. Yes.. Check out the picture I posted!! Anyone in Chattanooga Tennessee are recognizes this vehicle send me a message!!! Thanks for any help!!!!
  2. Spoke with the owner of the property. He stated he wanted the word spread that is it not o.k. to park on the graded area at bottom to right of Cummings Cove neighborhood. All of you pass it along please. He also stated he would help locate the vehicle who left with out trailer. He was a very nice man.
  3. Anyone with any info on who is in charge of security camera at Mt. Aetna..hitme up..My husband and the kids went there today. Someone stole our trailer and my kids clothes, leaving nothing to wear home and no way to get machines home. They were "kind" enough to leave the tie-down straps... Was told there was a camera on lot where you park. Any info would be greatly appreciated...

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