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  1. Definitely a valid point. I checked the tires after and I didn't loose 1 screw! I thought I would, and I might still... But I'll grab chains with those new tires in a week or so. Needed something in a pinch before payday.
  2. Thanks for the tip @Frank Angerano I think I have it dialed in now. I'm glad I have 2 props on the price of this @pablo Blake I was initially thinking it was a little high, and I definitely wanted it since the seller said it ran. I guess there is always some risk buying through a private seller. But some machines are worth what a buyer is willing to give. In my opinion, if it's what you want/need and it isn't junk, then it was worth it. We got another good 4 inches today and I really didn't want to struggle with poor tires. I pressed on the almost completely shot tires and it really felt like there wasn't any air pressure in them anyways. Since I plan on getting new tires, I decided to get 300 1/2 inch hex head sheet rock screws and drilled them all into the tires. This Big Bear and plow tore up the snow on the property! So happy with how it handled everything. All in all I've already saved $500 in having 'our guy' plow the property, so by seasons end I think this ATV will have paid for itself in the end. In the spring, I plan on a long overdue grading of the lot too, it's pothole city.
  3. That's pretty incredible. I remember riding a little bit in my teenage years with a high school friend, years ago. He was big into 4x4s and 3 wheelers. I remember he would love to fix them up. After getting down underneath and looking around, this particular 400 is very clean underneath. There is hardly any rust, and I thought that was pretty impressive for being 18 yrs old. The carburetor looks great too, not sure what the inside is like but since it runs good, I guess it's OK. It looks to be the original (like the tires, ugh) but the idle control seems really hard to twist. I may need to try and replace that, or at least give it a good oiling.
  4. Ahh ok! Thanks for checking, it's good to know my brake light switches aren't broken, but rather they don't exist! Thanks @erthsole, I think it's a great machine, even with its age!
  5. What I meant to say was that the light DOES NOT come on when rear brakes are applied
  6. Finally got a chance to push around some heavy wet snow today. There was a bit of sliding sideways on the big piles but I feel like the tires have a lot to do with that. The plow held up good even slamming into these big piles to break them up (surprising with what little metal is mounted to the frame). I do have a few questions however. The back light comes on with the headlights, but the rear brake pedal or grip turn on the brake light. Is there a brake light on this model? Maybe the filament is blown for the brake light? Also, shifting seems hit or miss. I really need to pull up or push down hard to get into gear from neutral. I do feel shifting is smoother the slower I go, however. What are your thoughts on these things?
  7. Wow Frank, you are a gentleman. Good on you for helping your friend like that, and going above and beyond. Not to mention you really went to work on that 400 and it looks amazing! Great work, and inspiring... Come spring time I may have to keep up with your refinishing prowess and update our 400 a bit too! Well done!
  8. Sounds awesome! What kind of work needed to be done on your ATV?
  9. Ok cool! I really appreciate it, I definitely would want to put the most appropriate fluids in this machine, but knowing what I have already would be sufficient. I will switch to M1 for now but I will do my research for future oil changes, read reviews and get the facts!
  10. Thank you @Frank Angerano... I assume there is a specific reason for Amsoil and Lucas that is beyond my scope of knowledge. What are your thoughts on the recommendations of Amsoil or Lucas -vs- my readily available Mobile 1?
  11. I have 3 bottles of Mobile 1 Synthetic 75w90 in the garage from a previous project too.
  12. I've been looking at the ITP Mudlite tires for replacement. They seem popular and highly rated so I think I'll go for that. There are cheaper tires on Amazon but I think I'd like to go with quality. As I mentioned we would like to hit the trails too so I think these tires are a good fit for the trail. I'll be changing the differential fluids hopefully today, and that will be it for the liquid changes. Hoping for some more snow up here soon so I can really put it through its paces.
  13. Had a productive day getting to know the Big Bear 400 a little better. I started with an oil change, and put in some Royal Purple Max-Cycle I had left over for my wife's older motorcycle. I read that would be OK as it caters to wet clutches. I'm planning on replacing the diff fluids front and back later this week, just because I'd feel better about it. I picked up some new ubolts and got the plow mid-mount fastened securely, the right side Bolts must have broken off, so it's properly secured now! I gave the back driveway a test plow and it will get the job done! Very pleased. The 4x4 is shifting good and running ok. I feel like I need to increase the idle speed a touch as it sounds like it wants to stall at idle after a minute or two. With a little throttle, it does start up good. New tires, first priority! Haha!
  14. I'll definitely spend the week cleaning up and take some more pics. I like it, I mean I've never owned a 4x4 before but all the sudden it feels like I'll really enjoy it. I'm an avid motorcyclist and have been for years, so this is just another thing to get passionate about. I think I would really enjoy meeting up with other local users! I'll keep a heads up with that.

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