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  1. Thank you Frank. Apparently I just need to use a quality gear lube then. I wasn't sure if this used a "special" lubricant or not. Thank you again. Phil
  2. So as I've looked in my owner's manual and tried to see what the lubricant in the rear diff. is supposed to be. The manual always says "Except for TRX420TM" and that's exactly what I have. Can you tell me what lubricant is used in my rear differential? Thank you Phil
  3. Hello all. I'm a new owner of a like-new 2013 Rancher. I'm hoping to get enough information to keep/maintain my new atv. It's in great condition but I've noticed that it wants to die after running great for a while and I come to a stop. It's like it chokes itself out. Not sure why but it'll start up again but it's in such nice shape I want to make sure I keep it that way. Thanks for any advice and help in advance.

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