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  1. It's been awhile since I have posted, I have changed some things out and had to put a hold on working on 4 wheeler when I had a horse with a serious leg injury had to be dealt with. So I ended up changing the carburetor, after cleaning the jets didn't help. Today I got everything hooked up and it did start, I had to adjust the idle to keep it running without holding the throttle open all the time. It rain great for about 5 minutes, heard a pop... not sure if it was a small backfire since it has sat for so long or if it is something else. Bear died and will not start again. I'm assuming since it ran, the hoses are all in the correct location
  2. Its been a bit since Ive posted. Had to wait for parts. In the past couple of days, I replaced the ignition button and got a low click at solenoid. Replaced solenoid, got loud click and then replaced battery today. It still wont start. What next? 20200511_155132.mp4
  3. Start button does absolutely nothing. No click when I push it. Spark plug is new and gapped according to specs for the Bear. I can get another solenoid for it and it be here in a couple of days. Thats cheap ebough to replace
  4. So what if its the ignition switch instead of the starter? Since it cranks couldnt the lead in a different direction now?
  5. I tried to jump the Bear at the solenoid, it did try to start but of course I didn't let it go past try to turn over
  6. Here are the best pictures of engine I could get. Not sure if this will help with where starter is.
  7. The red cable is to the battery of course. The only red wire is in the middle of the solenoid. I would have to cut tape away to follow where it goes if thats the wire you are referring to
  8. I don't have 2 red wires. I have the red cable that goes to the battery and a black one leads to the engine along with several other cables. Only way to know for sure is I am going to need to cut the zip ties to release all the cables so I can trace them better. Since the Bear is in the barn, I will do that tomorrow. That solenoid is different than what is in my yamaha.
  9. The votage going tothe solenoid is 14.2 with ignition turned off and 12 when its on. I don't have a red wire except for what is in between the fuses and of course its taped together with a bue wire. The battery is also showing 12 volts. I added a picture that I traced black cable to. Please ID it for me. Its attached to the frame with red wire out the front of it. I'm really trying to avoid a big expense right now if I can
  10. I have the plastic off to have access to the motor, I wasn't able to see where the starter was, hopefully following the wires from the solenoid will give me a better idea. I'll be messing with it after it warms up a bit today.
  11. I tried that last week and there was no spark and engine didn't crank. Could the solenoid be faulty?
  12. @Frank Angerano Yes I have neutral light, headlights and even brake light. Battery is only 3 months old now. @Ajmboy How do I check the solenoid? Somebody told me to use 2 screwdrivers, 1 on each point and see if I got a spark. If that is the correct way to do it, I didn't get a spark. I just put the solenoid in last fall
  13. I bought my big bear in 2009, never had a bit of problem with it until last year. It quit starting but still would click when I tried to start it. I replaced the solenoid, the cdi module ( it was burned on one corner) and this year replaced the battery. I have all lights but still will not start and I do not have the clicking when I try to start it. Can anyone give me any ideas what to try next? I haven't had any luck finding videos about the 2008 Big Bear. I'm trying to avoid the expense of sending it to the shop.

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