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  1. The brakes are one of the few things that weren't stripped. It is just a single disc brake/caliper on the rear axle and then two discs in the front. I haven't done an electric ATV either before but have a background in electronics engineering so I am fine with the basics. From what I can gather, the speed controller I bought, a YK31C, has a two-pin connector for the brakes and when the brake lever is engaged there are two wires that go from it to the speed controller and send a signal that kills the power to the motor. I guess I might be overthinking it and that is enough to limit the strain on the chain/gear as it brakes, but I just wasn't sure. Electric motors have a lot of torque, I just didn't want to trash the chain and/or gear or damage the motor.
  2. I was given a Zhejiang Yongkang 500W electric ATV that has had all of the wiring and controls stripped from it. I plan on installing a new speed controller, but I am having a hard time figuring out how to handle the braking. The 500W electric motor is connected to the rear axle by a chain/gear and it has mechanical disc brakes. I can't figure out how to handle braking without risking damage to the chain/gear and since it is stripped I don't have much to go on. I'm assuming that the brake was originally set to cut power to the motor when engaged, but it seems like it would still put a lot of stress on the chain/gear at any speed. I've never rebuilt an ATV or electric ATV, but I have a lot of mechanical and electronics experience. Any help or insight is appreciated!

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