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  1. yeah whatever quad i end up purchasing will most likely be used only for this trail
  2. im defiantly looking for a sport quad and im most likely going to end up buying new so i can get the warranty etc. and im the type of guy thats a quick learner and will definatly be interested in mods and upgrades down the road... i love to tinker with things
  3. I am very new to ATV's and just wanted to get someones opinion that wasnt trying to sell me something. what are the main brands of ATV's that i should consider? what should i be looking for in an ATV? and finally what engine size should i be looking at? (p.s.- i like to go vary fast in short amounts of time [bigGrin] ) my family and I have just purchased a lakehouse with a 14 mile trail around the lake that is used for ATV's and snomobiles and was just wondering what would be best for me. THANKS

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