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  1. So I have gone over everything and while waiting on a call back for the CDI I checked the valve lash which was out. set it correct and it is like a new bike again.
  2. I will have to see if the slide is moving and if the needle is floating around. They are a very odd carb with the throttle running a butterfly and vacuum running the slide. the slide seems to move freely when I have it apart. When you open the throttle part way it seems ok but the more you open it the more flat sounding it gets and the rpm doesnt increase.
  3. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nqoRfhRNNytk8XRztoq6fDaXYLVJBu2X/view?usp=sharing
  4. So I have installed a new regulator and the charging is now 13.6 idle and 13.9 reved up. The engine still falls flat when given throttle and now appears to be doing it in first and second gear as well. These bikes have a very low first gear and it bogs right out trying to get off the drive way. I will post a video shortly.
  5. Thank you and as for the CDI I tried to go with a Ricks but they seem to be out of stock up here in Canada for them so I went with what I could find. I tried a cheap amazon one as it was next day delivery and like you said cheap china parts... didn't work out of the box. Put this one on from Kimpex and ran like a top again. I had heard some bad reviews of them not working out of the box but when I heard it fire I forgot all about it. If this ends up continuing I will search for a Ricks again. h
  6. So running it around the yard when I say it seems to hit a rev limit it seems to get a quick rapid stutter in the rpm. It doesn't seem as snappy as it uses to be but it does rev up. Once I get to 3rd gear it has no power. It appears if you hold it half throttle it will maintain but if you push it further you can feel a slight drop in speed and the engine is boggy. I'm not sure I would say it is flooding as it doesn't seem to get worse and as soon as you back off it seems ok. If you hold it wide open to long it will just quit like you cut ignition. The bike in 3rd gear and up can't reach high rpm and reacts like you need to down shift as it is over loaded, which makes sense give it can't be rev'd up. I have been reading through other forms and the manual which lead me to testing the voltage regulator. I had tested to see if it was charging before but idle or low speed. The results I found where as follows engine off batt voltage 12.6 volts engine idle lights off 13.3 engine idle lights on 13.6 engine rev lights on 12.9 it seemed odd the voltage dropped as rpm increases. The test spec said it should be 14-15 volts. I then tested the stator for voltage output which they say at 4000 rpm 50-75 volts. I don't have a tach but revving to a point around 4k I am 58-64 volts. When I Ohm the stator with warm engine I am 0.7-0.8 ohms when cold I am 0.6 ( meter only does one decimal place.) and infinity to ground. The spec doesn't specify hot or cold but it following the procedure through charging system it specifies get engine warm to test step one ( batt voltage) and the stator resistance is like step 5 or 6. The listed spec is 0.3 to 0.46. I then tested the regulator on the bench for resistance to spec and it is 32 kohm in one direction and infinite in the other. it is to be infinite in both. I have now ordered a new one to swap it out. I am not sure what to think about the stator as it is reading high resistance but outputting correctly. Is there a reason that the aftermarket CDI is hated that much?
  7. Hey thank you for the reply. I have removed the air cleaner completely to be sure there were no restrictions and I have opened the drain in the muffler incase is was an exhaust restriction. Neither have made a difference. As for the old CDI the reason I swapped it out was I lost spark in the spring out of the blue. I tested all the components in the ignition system and came to a bad CDI. I put the new one in and it fired right up and ran like a top. The only thing I noticed it the fan seemed to come on always but I couldn't remember if this was normal or new. New update is I have tried a new CDI with the same results. This is the same brand as I was already using. When running in 1st gear it will hit a rev limit, second same thing but seeming under power and then 3rd and 4th you can hold it to the bar and it seems to hold or drop some but doesn't seem to miss and go like a limiter. My last idea would be check timing and valve lash. If the valves aren't opening all the way it would be down on power. Outside of this I am at a loss. This bike ran like a top and started up far easier then my newer Honda and just out of the blue started this issue after sitting for about a month.
  8. Hello I have a 1994 Kawi Bayou 400 which had been running well until it sat for about a month. I left the carb dry while it was park and the temp had dropped below 0C in this time. Pulled it out last night to go for a ride and it fired up just like it should but noticed when I started to head down the road I could hold it to the bar and it didn't seem to accelerate. Lower gears weren't as noticeable but 4th and 5th it just seemed to have no acceleration and half or full throttle made no difference. if I tried to go into 5th gear with any throttle it would stall. I turned around and just poked home very slow and it seemed to stay running but this was between 15 and 20 km/h max. I have taken the carb apart and it appears to be clean and nothing stood out on inspection to have dirt or ice. Is there something I should dig more into? I have checked the plug and it appears to be sooty with easily rubbed off carbon. I plan to get a new plug today and test. compression with the throttle wide open is 175 psi. I have opened the drain plug in the exhaust thinking there could be a mouse in the exhaust or something but no difference. I do find the engine is tickity compared to my 2000 Honda but I am not sure if this is just me looking for issues or if it has always been this way. If anyone has any insight I would appreciate it. In the last 6 months I have done new oil and filter ( mystik synthetic) new Peak RPM CDI I have noticed the fan comes on more often with the new CDI, could this be a program thing? Mike

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