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  1. I have a 2001 Yamaha warrior 350 while trying to reinstall the chain tensioner I dropped one of the 10mm bolts down this shaft. After opening the case on the right side of the bike I was unable to find the bolt. Where does this opening got to? 


  2. Ya check that its working. I've been watching videos and think it might be the timing, needing a valve adjustment or starter clutch
  3. After I did a tune up it was struggling to start and my battery would die after five or six rides. So when I couldn't get it started I opted to just replace all the parts instead of one at a time. The only improvement I've noticed that it does sound sick when I try and start it
  4. So I dug my warrior out of storage replaced the carburetor with one off Amazon & it was running great. Last week it didn't want to start it would crank & I could smell gas but nothing. I replaced the starter,stator,solenoid,spark plug & coil & resistor but still not starting. Checked the stator and its at 30 ohms tried using starter fluid but nothing. I am completely lost and could use some help thank you

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