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  1. Alright so wiring is correct. So that means I should get 12VDC from the green/white wire coming out of the ignitor? I don't. Would that point to the igniter being the probrem? There 12V coming into the igniter from the ignition switch (yellow/red wire)
  2. I’m working on a Kawasaki Bayou KLF400 for a family member that doesn’t have spark. I’ve already replace the ignition switch and the stator which were defective. The stator had a melted connector and one of the phase had low resistance and low VAC output. What I’ve figured out so far is that I’m not getting 12V to the ignition coil when I turn the key to the ON position. From what I understand, the 12V should come from the CDI. I’ve resistance tested both wires going from the CDI to the ignition coil (Green/white and black/yellow). They are fine. The only 12V coming from the ECU is on th

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