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  1. Hey everyone. I just talked with the owner of Rolling Meadows ATV Park in Roanoke AL. He is going to issue 100 season passes for $200.00. The season pass is good for the person that purchases the pass and his/her (1) Machine. If you want to bring multiple machines you will have to pay the regular daily rate, unless you purchase a season pass for each machine. The regular passenger/guest (person riding with you) will still be $5.00 per, unless the rider is under the age of 12 they are free. The season pass is non transferable. Pass includes: 10 months of riding and camping on the days they are open. (the park is closed during the months of November and December). I think this is one heck of a deal, that works out to be $20.00 per month to ride your machine. You cant beat that deal. The owner will start issuing the passes this weekend July 17th, 18th, and 19th to the first 100 machines or people which ever comes first. Thanks, Tony
  2. No problem Scott. I know the owner would love for you guys to come out and enjoy the park. Its a great place, we call it a home away from home. Thanks, Tony
  3. We had another great weekend at Rolling Meadows Atv Park. The grading company came in and started working on 3 drag pits and they put in a oval style water/mud track. I would like to invite everyone to come out and take a shot at the pits. Thanks, Tony
  4. No problem Pony... I hope you get a chance to come out and take a look at the park. Also my wife and I are setting up a Myspace page for Rolling Meadows ATV Park as well. It will be a more up to date look at the park. The owner is currently trying to get control of his website from its creator so we can get it more up to date as well. Thanks, Tony
  5. Well, Outlander I purchased my wife's atv thinking oh...you can ride anywhere. Then once I returned home with it I was informed by one of my neighbors (that owns an atv) that you cant. So I started looking for a good place to ride, camp, and fish (Rolling Meadows ATV park has in their plans to install a lake in the near future). Well with all of those parameters I guess I must be asking for the impossible. We could not find anything. The ones we could find had been shut down by the state for improper paper work or the economy just pulled them down. We have known the owner of Rolling Meadows ATV Park for several years. He tried to get me to invest in the park when I was in Iraq. At that time however, I had no interest in Atv's or a park. So when we purchased ours my wife just happened to run across his website and bam here we are. We are still not investing in the park but I am lending my assistance to help better the park every way I can. Especially after seeing how hard it is to keep a park going with all of the red tape and the bad publicity atv's have gotten over the years. Thanks, Tony
  6. Sorry, the website is Rolling Meadows ATV Park LLC Roanoke AL family fun mud play camp I also added them to the trails tab at the top of the page, and if you google them their website comes up. thanks, Tony
  7. Hello, I am new to this site as well as ATV's. I wanted to let everyone know about a new park Rolling Meadows ATV Park in Roanoke AL. They are situated on over 600 acres and it is a great place to ride. Two weeks ago I took my wife and our first and brand new Honda Rubicon. We had a blast. Our intentions were to only ride the trails and take in the scenery. However, after a couple of hours we found our way to the mud. We left with one of the dirtiest machines. Over the weekend of the 4th, we bought another machine. My wife did not like riding on the back. The wife kids and I camped out at Rolling Meadows Atv Park and we had a blast. In fact my kids said they did not want to camp out anywhere else. I would like to state that this is a new park and there is still work to be done. In fact there is a company that is coming out to make some big changes to the park. I am also going out this weekend (July 11th) to work at the park as a volunteer. I hope everyone will come out and support this park and help it to come along faster. Thanks, Tony

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