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  1. Any snake Issues out there in colorado! got 2 b some ratlers and such! We got the mocs. diamond backs and pigmy ratlers here that are prominent! Wow! Almost forgot, really kool! We rode up on three black bears this spring in the big gum swamp! They where only a mie behind our camp! Thats when I said screw this tent shit an d bought a rv to pull the bikes!
  2. Thank You for updating the picture posting sizes! Bigger is better! Still cant crop some photos small enough but it is much better! Thanks! I cant access the garage! it says this option is not valid? I loaded 7 photos to my gallery and it says I m over the 4mb allowed! ifshrkng
  3. No! Not Really! Yuo really have To worry more about the Water Mocosians!(cotton Mouth snakes). They are very Agggresssive! They will chase down a child! We usually all ride with a machette in our racks! Personally I like rat load in my 22cal! Problem is they make lousy slippers! They are called water Mocs here! They are very poiionous snakes and you rarley will make from the woods to the hospitial in time if its a kid bitten! Seen guys with canoes beat to death from them fallin from the tress! neat trick they have of doin that! Ifshrkng!
  4. Thanks for the quick response! I think that that is a great Idea! I use a really good cannon 35 digital camera.Reducing the pixels defeats the purpose. Thanks
  5. Can anyone tell me how to post pics to this site on my page? Im new to site and keep getting message that they have to be 1000px x 1000px? I ve got some great pics of my wife and kids riding, mostly deep water shots in fl but cant get them to post! Help! Thanks! Joel

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