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  1. Hi Ajmboy, SMC in Japan made a deliberate decision not to sell manuals in PDF format (so in other words, any PDF versions floating around, especially those *sold* do violate copyright laws). It's OK (legal) to resell printed manuals. Maybe those are cheaper, but may not be up to date. To pay the extra money you get a legal copy, support the company and are sure to get the most up to date stuff. - GSM
  2. Hi everyone, I hope this won't offend anyone as "spam" but I wanted to let people know that we (Suzuki's "Genuine Manuals" website) want to get you the manuals you need at the lowest cost possible. So we decided to add a "no-frills" USPS shipping option for people who need Owner's Manuals (and we'll charge a lower handling fee, too). This reduces your total cost by about $10 per Owner's Manual! Go to Genuine Suzuki Manuals to order the manuals you need. It’s ATV season and for a limited time we have some Suzuki-Logo stainless steel bladed pocket knives that we will include FREE with every order of an ATV Service Manual for as long as our supply lasts. Thanks, GSM

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