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  1. no need to yell. i cant find those anywhere not even on itp's website. douglas is coming out with some i ordered those since my local honda superstore couldnt find the itp's either lol its a pain in my a$$.
  2. the only problem i'm having is finding a rear rim for the quad. like you posted about the 11 inch rear stock so i'm looking for a 12x8 rear or something because itp has 22x11-12 rear sand stars but even the itp website only has 10s. i have no idea where to buy parts online.
  3. thanks! do you like the itp sand stars? i was looking at those, i dont plan on draggin the bike so i want something i can turn with still.
  4. i just purchased an 08 i like it alot in the power department but the handle takes some getting used to. anybody else have 1 and know of stuff i need to look out for? also what sand tires/rim combo would you guys go with for the 700? thanks in advance. john

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