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  1. wow didnt realize a new carb would be that high priced for such an old quad. i did purchase a new air filter and in line fuel filter when it does get running again. thanks for the replys!
  2. well the problem is in the carb somewhere. the quad is getting too much fuel. but the jets that are in the carb are stock. so im planning on buying a carb rebuild kit and see how that goes, i guess if that doesnt work, then the next step is buying a new carb. anyone got any good sites for buying atv parts? thanks!
  3. i appreciate your reply, my buddy told me to use carb cleaner and spray in the intake and try to fire it up, i'll let ya know how it goes, might be a few days before i can get to it, thanks again!
  4. while riding a few days ago, my quad did great through the mud, but while driving it back home, running about 35mph, it seemed like i lost all power and the quad just died. i put it in neutral and started it back up, drove another half mile and it did it again, i had to have my buddy pull me the rest of the way home. the quad turns over but is acting like its not getting any fuel or maybe some spark plug problem? im not for sure why its doin this, i was thinking it got a lil too wet?, maybe water in places that it shouldnt have any? hope to hear something back, thanks ive checked the spark plug, and its getting spark. ive pulled the airbox off and there was no water in it. i have no clue.

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