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  1. Yeah there are a lot of events in August for off roading and what not Ive come to realize that once i looked at my calender lol well hopefully next year you can come out and play!
  2. awh well maybe next year you can make it a vacation spot! its going to be a blast... for everyone else its only 30 days away and counting so hopefully some of you will be attending and are ready or close to ready to get down and dirty!
  3. Sooo anyone else on here going, the events creeping up! (:
  4. Awh darn =P Ajmboy- do you have weekends off, if so come on and hang out! stay the night if you like camping out also, its going to awesome this year!
  5. lol well Im sure theres some places to stop and hang out on the way, take a few days off before and after
  6. awh you should make it a vacation spot though, its totally worth it! =)
  7. So anyone going to attend this year?
  8. Anyone on here heard of Trail Riders Expo (TRAILREX for short)? Its an event coming up in August in Mariaville, NY. Theyve got a lot of events like mud bogs, rock crawls, enduro cross, snowmobile grass drags, and a Miss Trailrex contest. Im deff. attending especially since its only $56 for 4 days. I wouldnt miss this for anything! If youve never heard of it before check it out... TRAIL Riders EXpo - TrailRex - 3 Days of Camping and Off-Road Excitement so now that yall know about it, whos going?

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