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  2. thank you very much it is running a lot better now i did as you said with the filter cover off and it revd lovely i have cleaned re oiled the filter and replaced the whole thing will give it a test run tomorrow i will let you no how it goes thanks again
  3. its on at the moment not sure as to the condition of the filter any type of oil in particular to use on the filter ?
  4. its a tan color when just left to idle but if given gas and after backfire its a sooty black
  5. compression is good would you happen to no what the valve clearances should be ? i have re checked the intake fuel is getting to the carb i have replaced the plug now also ! now it is starting but when i give it some gas it just lets out a big back fire and stalls
  6. hi im micky i have been riding atvs since i was very young all of which have been hired or rented i have recently been given a non running yamaha bruin 350 2005 model which i hope to repair and get running for my partner i have been told that this atv is begginer friendly it has a spark and i have cleaned all the fuel system and all it seems to do is backfire any help would be very much appriciated thanks

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