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  1. Thats a bummer I ordered a new coil it should be here in a couple days. I think this thing is turning out to be a money pit. It may have to go on the chopping block.
  2. Going to check the coil I just go the manual,, staytuned.....Thanks for the response
  3. The spark is a direct product of the coil, I just got the manual and will check this out in the next day or so. It has been raining allot around here lately and I cant even walk to the house with out being carried away by the mosquitoes, I am going to have to spray the yard in order to work on this darn thing, anyways stay tuned and thanks for the quick reply’s.
  4. Hello and thanks for joining the thread, I do appreciate all the help here. The atv just will not start at all. I pulled the old one put in a new one and still nothing. I am getting spark but the color of the spark is orange with just a very slight hint of blue. I did a compression test ended up at 100PSI. Cleaned the carb out and it is getting gas. When I spray starter fluid into the carb, I don’t get any firing. I do not know how to check the timing at this point. I just got a manual and I will check the coil to see if it is in spec and see what is tells me about checking the timing. Two other gentlemen have indicated that the orange color spark with a little blue is signs that the spark is weak. Thanks again for joining the thread, I do want to get this resolved with out spending a fortune at the dealership. I feel they know you are at their mercy. Type to you soon.
  5. Hi Scott, I finally got a look at the spark. The color is a strong orange with very slight burts of blue. Hope that helps. Thanks again for your suggestions.
  6. Hello Scott, I just went out to see what color the spark is and the battery is dead, must be that dam air headed neighbor kid! I blame every thing on him! Keeps the pressure off me, haha.... Anyways I am charging the battery and should have it up to full charge by morning. I will test after work tomorrow night, answer when you can, I really appreciate the help. Sincerely, RIck
  7. Scott, I see you have answered many questions on this forum and I will really appreciate your help. I pulled the old spark plug and it was carbon stained black. I looked at the new spark plug and I dont think it ever fired, still looks ok. Another gentlemen asked me to see what color the spark is, but the new battery went dead, neighbor kid was playing with it and left the key on, (and that is the story I am sticking with, haha). I am charging the battery right now, I will have more information about that tomorrow night, I work late every night so it will be after 8 cst. Thanks again for responding so quickly. Sincerely, Rick
  8. Hello everyone, I am a newbe and just bought my first ATV, it was super fun for the first week. Worked great. Then it would just not start. I pulled the carb and cleaned it out thinking something was blocked and it all looked ok. I changed the spark plug and have spark but it will not fire. I tried to use starter fluid but it still will not start. Any one have any ideas.

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