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  1. aw do u think it would be more reliable than the banshee?
  2. also i know there both fast quads, i want the more reliable one. help me out please
  3. hey guys im new on here. currently i have a kawasaki tecate 4 but its been blown up for about 6 months. in the past ive had a yamaha warrior, blaster, kx 80, rm 125 and kdx 200. Ive been looking at 4 wheelers and i need help on what to get ive got it narrowed down to 2. from above u should be able to determine my experience is kinda high. both these bikes are the same price. 1st bike: a 1997 yamaha banshee. highly modified. cool head, widened, air shocks, slightly bored, many other mods. needs orings for cool head 18 dollars. 2nd bike: a 1987 honda trx250r. needs nothing few mods.

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