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    How did you get into Quads?

    Hey, new to this forum, first post! Wooooo! Anyways, we were a dirt bike family, so while I really liked the Honda 3 wheelers and whatnot back in the 80's, we never had any. I had a Fat Cat, and then a beat down old Suzuki Savage for my off road rides, while my folks had a newer Honda and a Yamaha bike (I can't recall the models) until they got into horses and I got into cars and while I wasn't looking they sold all the dirt bikes and got a horse trailer. Well fast forward a few years and the old man is remarried, has a couple new kids (my kid sister is 24 years younger than me!) and they're back into dirt bikes, except this time he has a quad! Well I had to try that bad boy out and it was FUN! He lives out in the country and I spent my whole visit riding his Yamaha 250 4x4 around, and decided I gotta have one, but a bigger one, so here I am, joining the quad forum and learning more about quads, hoping to get one soon and start having some fun!