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  1. Ok, I finally figured it out! I took apart the clutch and found that the nut holding on the clutch basket(where the discs and springs are) was loose. The clymer book I have tells you to put a penny in the gears to keep it from spinning when tightening. That works for the centrifugal side but not the other for my particular machine. I had to put it in reverse to keep it from spining and then I could get it tight. When I put it all together it worked perfectly. Thanks for the help and responces guys!
  2. Sounds like that makes sense, but do you think its weird that before I touched the clutch it was working fine and then after just replacing the plates and springs its acting up now?
  3. Well, i found the adjuster screw for the clutch (it was behid the oil level glass). I turned it out till resistance and then in 1/8 turn, tried it out and still would stall out the quad. So I then turned it in untill resistance and the out 1/8 turn, tried it and still stalled. I'm now using the correct oil btw. My olld clutch worked fine and I just wanted to do the plates and springs it since I had just rebuild the engine. I'm really confused now and don't know what to try next any more help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  4. I was just using 10w40 standard car oil, could that be my problem?
  5. Thank you very much, i'm gonna take it apart this weekend and see if I can fix.
  6. thanks for the response, i've gotta check on the adj screw because I don't remember seeing one. Just to clarify the 230 model I have has no clutch lever on the handlebars and its not supposed to stall out in 1st gear even without applying thottle, unlike a manual clutch. It engages as you apply the gas. I just wanted to be clear if you didn't know. I did notice my clymer book didn't have torque specs for the screws holding the clutch springs, could it be that I have them to tight?
  7. Hi, I have a 1987 230 quadrunner (electric and pull start) that i'm restoring. So far i've rebuilt the top end, put in a high performance cam, valves and springs, aftermarket exhaust, and lastly new clutch plates and springs. The engine runs great but my only problem is that when I shift into 1st gear the clutch grabs soo hard that it stalls out the engine (this is the centrifical clutch not manual and I only use my foot to shift). I can get it moving if I keep on the gas a bit and put it in first and then it works fine through the other gears and grabs awesome. I know its not supposed to do that though because before I could shift into all gears when it was idleing before. I have a clymer book and followed it but I can't figure out what may be wrong and why it grabs so soon. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated Thanks

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