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  2. thank you for the reply... i will try that - it's a new battery but i suppose could have gone bad - my main concern is that with the chain coming off while it was running, it may have damaged the transmission (i'm assuming 4 wheelers have those) or the engine again... i'm planning to take it back to the shop this weekend but just wanted some input from others first.
  3. i bought my son a 91 honda fourtrax 200 for christmas - spent $500 getting it tuned and running good, broke right after new year, spent another $600 getting it fixed again (they said it threw a pin and messed up the inside of the engine) - had it back about 2 weeks not and after about the first 3 days the chain popped off, he fixed it a few times, happened again today and then wouldn't start so he push started it but then it died again, I had to go tow him home and now it's once again sitting in the back yard... when you push the start button nothing happens - has he messed something up really bad again, I've got about $1600 into the damn thing... should i just get rid of the money pit?

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