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  2. What, nobody here goes out when the weather gets cold?!
  3. Thanks for the offer. PayPal works for me. I just posted the ad so I am going to give it a couple of days and see if someone wants to take them at the asking price. If not, I'll get in touch with you.
  4. I have a pair of black Kolpin ATV Geartector Mitts for cold weather. They make a huge difference in comfort when the temperature drops. The mitts are brand new, never used. I got them just before the end of cold season, never got to use them, and now I am moving across country and getting rid of all my stuff. I looked into a 1/2 dozen of manufacturers and this mitts are far the best, no question about it. They have semi-hard ring around the hand openings so they keep shape when you take hands out of them. Most of the other mitts colapse as soon as you pull out making it hard to get back in. Also the front has a rubberized plastic panel sewn into it that keeps the shape and adds an extra layer of windproofing. The end that goes over handles has both a zipper and a drawstring with a spring loaded cord-lock. The inside is padded with fleece. The black mitts sell on Internet for about $35 shipped, I'll let them go for $25 shipped or best offer. Thanks for reading!

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