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  1. Yeah, its a 2008. It was a relay of some sort clicking. What made it weird is that I had accidentally left it on the charger with the ignition on. When I discovered my error a few hours later, it seemed like the battery should be happy, and something else causing the problem. A new battery is easy to replace, so I consider myself lucky.
  2. Thanks for the advice. It was a burnt battery. Apparently there was enough of a charge to look like 12 v, but as soon as I depressed the brake to start the quad, the rear light dragged it down to dead. New battery, and everything is good.
  3. My battery on my Kingquad was low, but not dead, so I hooked it up to my 2A charger. The problem is that I left the key turned on. After a couple of hours, I came back to check on it. I disconnected the charger, and tried to start the quad. Nothing happened. The display did not come on, nor did any indicator lights. After a few seconds, the display came on, but it had a "chec" message displayed near the odometer spot. And something was clicking under the seat. It is what ever the electrical component is right next to the fuse box. When I depressed the brake, to start, the display went black again. I check all the fuse, and they looked good. Also, the battery is fully charged. I think maybe I burned up the voltage regulator. Is there a way to display a diagnostic code? Any other ideas?

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