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  1. In the end, lost 2 1/2 fingers. Freak roll-over crash going very slow over a dirtbike jump that was carved out in the back and I believe the wheels were over-inflated and bounced the arse end up and over. So, now at work ... my nick-name is 7.5
  2. CHRISTINA.... To bad my name is short by only one letter
  3. Yeah, mine are not ATV related either but still funny. The one that Savannah has with the wheels coming off.. I have that one. I love it.
  4. Have faith girl.. it'll get better. We just know a good thing when we see it and have more passion for the sport. Quality is better than quantity.
  5. That sounds awesome! We would have a blast! Are you going to be our photographer? we've got plenty of mud here in GA.

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