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  2. Well, actually I found the problems. The air mixture screw had a cut o-ring and I didnt have the boot that goes from the back of the carb to the air filter box on. Guess it needs some kind of backpressure in that area. Dern thing runs fantastic now! Tks All Tom
  3. Hi: Tks for the reply. I figure ill take the carb apart again and dip it...I may have gotten a dirt goober in it somehow. Plug is brand new. I guess this is just the way it goes when you buy a basket and dont know what it was doing before the guy tore it to peices. Tks Tom
  4. Hi all... Would like to pick your brains for help if I could? I have a 86 Bayou 300 that I bought as a basket case. Long story short...rebuilt the top end, fixed a BUNCH of stuff on it, rebuilt the carb...cleaned the gas tank and sealed it, fresh gas......ect. Fired it up today and it runs! Kind of..... When I go a little above idle it starts to bog....The throttle diaphram slide is pulling up as it should but it flutters when it bogs. Ive adjusted the air screw for idle and it idles nicely. It has no affect on the bogging though. If I hold the diaphram slide so it wont open up I can blip the throttle and get higher RPms with no problem. Let go of the slide and it bogs... Sounds like not enough gas..but why? May have to take the carb apart and blow it through with cleaner...might have a spec of dirt in it...or something. It is a Keihin cvk32 carb. Has anyone else experianced this? Thanks in advance. Tom H.

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