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  2. Well that's the thing... The fuse inside is good but of I grab it on both ends and put a little pressure on it I can hear a clicking noise from the rear... Not sure if its coming from the battery or there's a little box under the seat to the back above the rear taillight console with 4 different plugs (looks like a power commander or something) but when I put pressure the atv will start up right away.
  3. What is this part? http://i1081.photobucket.com/albums/j357/Matthew_Thompson23/cb58d296.jpg
  4. Alright so the snow finally melted and I'm checking some things today. What all grounds should I be checking out? Where they are located would be a big help too.
  5. Okay well we're in a winter storm right now so I'll start tearing into it tomorrow and I'll remove the battery and get it checked one more time and then reinstalled it myself and make sure the terminals are tight. What is the part that the power and ground cables go to about 6 inches from the battery?
  6. Oh yeah I left that part out but yeah the lights won't come on either which was leading me to something electrical between the battery and bars.
  7. Okay do you know where the relay is located on it? I've also heard since they keep it in the cow barn that with the dirt in the air it can get inside the starter box and filthy up the run/kill switch and would need cleaned on the inside... Is that a possibility or ever heard of that?
  8. Okay that may explain the shut off and backfire but what about trying to start it back up and it doesn't crank or click? I feel like it has to be something between the battery to the starter but just no clue what all is there or what would cause that.
  9. Hey guys I'm brand new to here but not to forums but here's my problem... My girlfriends parents have a Yamaha big bear (Not sure of year or size) and they just had a guy working on it because it would turn over just wouldn't start but the guy fixed that with a new battery and spark plug but now the problem is we get the four wheeler started and drive it for a little and we go to park it and when you come to a stop it'll shut off, sometimes backfire and if you'd try to go to start it back up it won't turn over, click or anything... Like I said battery is brand new and has been checked out and it's not a faulty battery... Anybody else have any other ideas? This has been picking my brain and I cannot just put a finger on what it could be so any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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